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Private Practice or Hospital Leadership? A Choice Between Autonomy and Reach

Physicians who prioritize leadership opportunities in the workplace should weigh the pros and cons before deciding which career path suits them best.
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Locum Tenens Physicians Fill Need That Won’t Go Away

Hiring freelancers is often profitable if they are willing to take on overnight or weekend shifts, or join a staff in a pinch to replace an unexpected schedule opening.
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It's Time to Get Past Your Aversion to Networking

Many times when the author talks about networking, someone says they’re an introvert, and therefore can’t do it.  The fact is, introverts aren’t necessarily shy.
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No Stigma in Changing Jobs, But Ask the Right Questions First

 Short stints on the CVs of physician executives are common. Use this checklist to help determine whether making a move would be beneficial.
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Millennials Embrace Nursing Profession, Just in Time to Replace Baby Boomers

Can health care leaders breathe a little easier after the number of new entrants into the field plateaued in recent years?
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The Art of Self-Explaining: Four Techniques to Help You Learn

Maybe you’re taking an online class for CME. Or implementing a new technology. Talk to yourself – out loud – and ask yourself questions. It will make a difference. 
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Member Spotlight: Michael DePietro, MD, Senior Director with Teva Pharmaceuticals

Given an “opportunity to impact a much larger group,” he moved to a nonclinical role. Here, he offers advice for physician leaders considering a different path in health care.
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Heart Not in Your Work? There Are Ways to Make Your Job More Fulfilling

on September 7, 2017 | By Harvard Business Review | Careers Career Planning
Though the tendency is to simply grin and bear it, scientific research suggests you can reimagine an uninspiring professional existence.
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When Physicians Plan for Retirement, Saving Is Only One Consideration

You'll need a strategy, whether you’re a year or decades away from your final day. An important factor: Really think about what your lifestyle will be like.
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Physician Leader Compensation  2016 Survey: Advanced Degrees, Certification Provide Boost

Trends are not expected to return to prerecession growth rates, although there are certain career paths providing greater opportunities for increased earnings.
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