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Unneeded Scans, Therapy, Surgery Add to Ills of Breast Cancer Patients

Physician leaders should remain mindful of the extremely costly and potentially harmful treatments they and their teams order.   
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Private Practice or Hospital Leadership? A Choice Between Autonomy and Reach

Physicians who prioritize leadership opportunities in the workplace should weigh the pros and cons before deciding which career path suits them best.
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New Report Explores Communication’s Role in Patient-Physician Experience

Produced by AAPL, “Connected” is now available for download, offering perspective on this essential relationship.
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Stressed Out? Here Are Ways to Better Manage the Pressure

How you handle the tension plays a huge role in determining how resilient you are. Start by asking yourself how you respond when you’re under pressure.
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Locum Tenens Physicians Fill Need That Won’t Go Away

Hiring freelancers is often profitable if they are willing to take on overnight or weekend shifts, or join a staff in a pinch to replace an unexpected schedule opening.
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It's Time to Get Past Your Aversion to Networking

Many times when the author talks about networking, someone says they’re an introvert, and therefore can’t do it.  The fact is, introverts aren’t necessarily shy.
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Nine Paths for Improving Teamwork in a Hospital Setting

It all comes down to ensuring everyone is committed to the same goal of providing quality health care. 
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Doctors Feel Excluded from Health Care Value Efforts, Survey Shows

Physicians understand the financial challenges, but many don’t think they are in a position to help rein in health care rising costs.
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Fighting Physician Burnout at the Organizational Level

Most doctors want to be working in a setting where they feel valued and have some say in the process, one expert says. 
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The Art of Self-Explaining: Four Techniques to Help You Learn

Maybe you’re taking an online class for CME. Or implementing a new technology. Talk to yourself – out loud – and ask yourself questions. It will make a difference. 
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