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Unneeded Scans, Therapy, Surgery Add to Ills of Breast Cancer Patients

Physician leaders should remain mindful of the extremely costly and potentially harmful treatments they and their teams order.   
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Five Ways to Push Your Employees Without Stressing Them Out

on December 1, 2017 | By Harvard Business Review | Leadership Management
 Employees tend to perform at higher levels and experience less stress when they feel connected to their leaders.
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Some Doctors Are Soaking Up Profits from Urine Testing

For pain physicians who operate their own labs, the business has become particularly lucrative. Yet, how often testing reveal serious drug abuse remains tough to pin down.
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Is Geisinger's Offer of Refunds to Dissatisfied Patients the Ultimate Satisfaction Tool?

The Pennsylvania health system guarantees a high level of patient care, and if patients leave unsatisfied, the organization will give back their copays. 
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Nine Paths for Improving Teamwork in a Hospital Setting

It all comes down to ensuring everyone is committed to the same goal of providing quality health care. 
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Respecting Differences, Commonalities of Generations in Physician Workforce

on November 23, 2017 | By Greg Hamilton | Leadership Management
Common ground can be found among age groups with different approaches to working.
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Doctors Feel Excluded from Health Care Value Efforts, Survey Shows

Physicians understand the financial challenges, but many don’t think they are in a position to help rein in health care rising costs.
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Patients Complaining About Insurance Costs? Blame It on the Kids

Physicians asked about rising rates can explain that insurers are charging more if children are on coverage plans.
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Physician Leaders Take Measures to Adapt in Uncertain Financial Times

Organizations look to boost revenue through mergers, ergonomics, technology and other endeavors.
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Group Activities Can Breed Deceit: How to Keep Them Honest

on November 2, 2017 | By Tiffani Sherman | Communication Management
Research shows that team members who talk only among themselves can affect the quality and accuracy of the work they produce. 
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