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Stressed Out? Here Are Ways to Better Manage the Pressure

How you handle the tension plays a huge role in determining how resilient you are. Start by asking yourself how you respond when you’re under pressure.
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Fighting Physician Burnout at the Organizational Level

Most doctors want to be working in a setting where they feel valued and have some say in the process, one expert says. 
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Here Are Two Approaches for Managing Physician Fatigue

The strategies most institutions use to address fatigue are tried and true, says one researcher, but there is much room for advancement. 
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Happiness Traps and How to Escape Them Through Purpose, Hope and Friendship

Positive emotions aroused by being engaged and valued have many benefits, including less stress and more productivity. Business adviser Annie McKee explains how to get started.
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Want to Help a Stressed-Out Colleague? Here Are Some Suggestions

At a time when wellness is essential for physicians and other professionals, keep these seven ideas in mind when faced with an overwhelmed co-worker.
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Team-Based Approach Puts Dent in Physicians’ EHR ‘Pajama Time’

An investment in medical assistants allows clerical work to be strategically shared while doctors focus on patient care.
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In Clicks vs. Checks, the Computer Is Winning Over Doctors' Time

Studies show it’s not just a bunch of doctors complaining about change and technology. If not addressed, the extra demands on a physician’s time can lead to extra stress and eventually burnout. 
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Five Practical Ways to Prevent Burnout Through Compassion

Some people simply don’t get burned out. Why? The answer lies in part with empathy.
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Experts: Rethinking Provider Scheduling Alleviates Headaches, Turnover

Hectic schedules are a leading cause of burnout among physicians. Adding a dedicated coordinator or user-friendly software might be worthwhile investments. 
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When Physicians Plan for Retirement, Saving Is Only One Consideration

You'll need a strategy, whether you’re a year or decades away from your final day. An important factor: Really think about what your lifestyle will be like.
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