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Patients Complaining About Insurance Costs? Blame It on the Kids

Physicians asked about rising rates can explain that insurers are charging more if children are on coverage plans.
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Training New Doctors Right Where They’re Needed

California teaching centers aim to train and retain doctors in medically underserved areas. But funding remains a question.
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CMS Tests Influence of Social Needs on Health Solutions

The new model represents a departure from traditional payment formulas that focus on volume of services rather than on clinical outcomes.
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Elder Abuse: ERs on Front Line of Protecting a Vulnerable Population

Turning suspicion into intervention remains a difficult matter for physicians and other health care professionals.
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Without Price Breaks, Rural Hospitals Struggle to Stock Costly, Lifesaving Drugs

A federal drug program blocks rural hospitals from getting discounts on rare-disease drugs, forcing physician leaders to make difficult decisions.
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AAPL Joins With New Policy Coalition That Seeks Greater Voice for Patients, Families

The Patient Experience Policy Forum will focus on shaping patient-centered health care strategies at the national and state levels.
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Some Seniors Refuse Home Health Care After Hospitalization, Adding Risk to Recovery

A study says those that do double their chances of readmission within two months. Understanding why this happens and what can be done about it is important. 
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Study: Minorities Shown to Get an Excess of Ineffective Care

Among the “low value” tests and treatments researchers studied, black and Hispanic beneficiaries were significantly more likely than whites to receive many of them.
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Physicians Push for Alternatives, But No Denying Opioids’ Effectiveness

America’s growing epidemic has guided policymakers and providers toward treatments such as nerve blocks, medical marijuana and even acupuncture.
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